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About us

B&A Advocates is a leading Civil and commercial law practice delivering the highest level of legal services to a diverse range of public and private sector clients. We offer business law service to some of financial institutions manly from Eastern Africa Community and the rest of World. We maintain focus on efficiency.

1.Mr. Bimenyimana Eric Managing Partner

He started his Legal career in July 2003 at Kigali Judicial Defender Corps. He was admitted at Rwanda Bar Association RBA (former Kigali Bar Association) since August 2005, a good litigator and has an impressive high average of success in many areas of Law; Contract and civil liability, Business, Banking, Insurance, Corporate, Criminal.
He has been also involved in security realization as Appointed Receiver; Since 2011 he was appointed as Receiver for the sale of mortgage by the Office of the Registrar General in Rwanda Development Board and carried out a first successful public auction in Rwanda through receivership process.
He holds a bachelor degree in Law from the Independent University of Kigali and has attended many workshop/training/symposium.
Mr Bimenyimana Eric is reputed for his outstanding devotion by serving not only his clients but also the RBA by this reason he has been recognized of his outstanding devoted services of the RBA in 2013 and acquiring RBA Devoted Services AWARD.

2.Bimenyimana Emmanuel Partner

He started his Legal career in November 2001 at Kigali Judicial Defender Corps. He joined National Public Procecution Authority in September 2004 as Procecutor at Intermediate Court level . He was admitted in Rwanda Bar Association since May 2011, is a good Litigator in criminal, civil and commercial matters.
He holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from the Independent University of Kigali in 2004 and has attended many workshop/training/symposium as training relating to International Arbitration by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators /Nigeria Branch,training of continuing education of lawyers held in Kigali by the International Training Centre in Africa Francophone Lawyers and General Principles and Practice of common Law by Institute of Legal Practice and Development

3. Clementine MUTUYIMANA Partner

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law obtained from Kigali Independent University (ULK) in 2007. She is currently pursuing her Diploma in legal practice program in ILPD. She enrolled as an advocate with the Rwanda Bar Association in 2009 and has been working with White and Case Law firm until 2015.
February 2016, she joined B&AADVOCATES as partner. Many years ago, Clementine has worked as counsel for clients in insurance matters as well as other civil and commercial matters in Rwanda courts of Law. She is also receiver and enrolled on insolvency administrator’s panel.


4. Delphine UWANYIRIGIRA Partner

Delphine is one of partners of B&A Advocates, She graduated in law from Kigali independent University in 2007, on 5th June 2009 joined Rwanda Bar Association, and she obtained many different certificates related to her profession including Diploma in Legal Profession from ILPD in 2013. She is also receiver and insolvency administrator. Delphine often deals with commercial matters and corporation; she is happier to advise clients on commercial contracts and agreements, company law and corporate compliance. She is certified in arbitration by London chartered institute of arbitrators.


5. Jean Pierre NKURUNZIZA Partner

Jean Pierre NKURUNZIZA is a partner in B&AAdvocates Law firm since August 2016. He is practicing law as an Advocate since May 2005 as Collaborator of ZENITH Law Firm up to 2012.
Before joining B&AAdvocates, NKURUNZIZA Jean Pierre , was the brightest Lawyer in his own Cabinet which was among leading law cabinet of Rwanda.
NKURUNZIZA Jean Pierre is a member of the Rwandan Bar Association and East Africa Law Society.
He is specialized in banking, financial, corporate and labor law. He holds a Master Degree in International Economic and Business Law from “Université Libre de Kigali” (Indépendant University of Kigali) obtained in November 2014 and a Certificate in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution,
NKURUNZIZA Jean Pierre has expertise in bill drafting, securities, shareholders agreements, analysis of procurement procedures, banks restructuring, privatization of financial institutions, risk management, trainings in corporate governance, training in bank regulations, and debt recovering, conveyance, insolvency etc.
As an advocate he has advised numerous companies in corporate, labor law and financial law issues. The main areas of his expertise cover the company incorporation and registration with full range administration , merger and acquisition of companies, shareholders agreements, share sale and purchase agreement.
He has also a proven practice in establishing, advising mining companies as well as real estate developers.
He has represented also different clients in court. Jean Pierre has strong experience in litigation and arbitration. He has been mainly involved in important cases in both commercial and criminal matters.
He has excellent command of French, English, Kinyarwanda and Swahili.
Business and Corporate
Banking and finance
Labor and employment law
Real estate and Property Law
Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights
Nkurunziza Jean Pierre has also attended with success various training and seminars in the country and abroad in the field of legal practice.